Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Auction Backlinks is the world's first and largest platform for purchasing backlinks via an auction format. It works much like other auction platforms, such as eBay.

  1. Find an auction you want to bid on
  2. Place the maximum amount you're willing to pay for a backlink from the site listed in the auction
  3. We will automatically increment your bid when someone bids against you; much like a real life auction - you will rarely pay your maximum bid, you'll instead pay the amount the second highest bidder placed as their maximum bid.

We pride ourselves on being fair and transparent whilst also protecting our users privacies. If you ever have concerns about how an auction played out, we're completely open to showing bid logs and the complete history of an auction.

While many sellers of backlinks don't give out the links; in most cases we do - but we only do it to the winner of the auction, after the auction has concluded. Sometimes we don't; but you can find out whether or not this is the case by clicking into the individual auction and looking at the "domain privacy" section.

We do this to maintain the integrity of the websites listed; and to ensure search engines can't de-index or blacklist the sites in any way.

If an auction is marked as "Domain revealed to winner after auction", you can contact support, and after we quickly verify your identity, we're generally willing to give out the web address. Please note, we are normally only open to this on high-end listings; where links are expected to sell for over $100.

Potentially, but we're incredibly selective. Feel free to contact us at support@auctionbacklinks.com and we can discuss it.

After winning an auction, we will immediately email you with the next steps. If the privacy settings of the auction allow, we'll send over the web address of the site.

After winning you have 24 hours to either pay for the link, or 'change your mind'. We understand this happens; as you often haven't seen the domain yet - but we do give a lot of information outside of this, so it's frowned upon, and frequent misuse of this right will lead to you being removed from the platform.

You will have 7 days to provide more information so we can make your link. This will include anchor text, web address, and a description of the content/niche/industry so we can make the article as relevant as possible. Article writing is included in the price; however you can provide your own content (at no discount, as we still proof read it and check that it doesn't break our terms)

You sure can! BUT... only on sites marked as having these specific categories. We do not mix these categories in with our 'white hat' network of sites, and keep everything completely separate.

Site quality is our rough estimate of how the quality of the site compares with the rest of the network, but here's a quick guideline.

Site quality refers to design, content, layout, domain name, theme used, and how 'real' the site feels.

  • 1 Star: Looks like a PBN, spun content, basic (free) wordpress theme. Generally best used for tier 2 or 3.
  • 2 Star: Content is proof-read, has a unique logo etc. - but it's a basic theme and layout, and a manual reviewer with a good eye would spot this as a PBN link. Ideal for tier 2 for most sites.
  • 3 Star: Decent content, nice logo, most likely a premium theme, and some actual effort put into this by a western web developer. Great tier 2's, and used for tier 1 by the less risk-adverse SEO's out there.
  • 4 Star: Very high quality site. Manual reviews would be fooled by this, and if you didn't know, so would you. Put together by a decent web developer with the intention of looking 100% natural.
  • 5 Star: Ultra high quality site - the kind you would pay thousands for at a web design agency. Content is top notch, has a real 'angle' about it being a real business of some sort. This takes serious creativity on our part, and these sites are a work of art.

Link profile is our rough estimate of how the quality of the sites backlinks compare with the rest of the network

Link profile does not necessarily refer to the 'power' of the backlinks, as that is reflected in the DR. What this is about, is us manually analyzing the backlinks pointing at the site, and even the wayback archive.

  • 1 Star: Has a lot of spammy links; often with irrelevant anchor texts.
  • 2 Star: Has some spammy links, some irrelevant anchor texts, but if someone manually looked at it, they'd probably think someone bad at SEO just went and bought links at it from random vendors.
  • 3 Star: Solid link profile, but has some dodgy bits. May have been used by someone for SEO purposes, or as an affiliate site, before we got our hands on it. Not a perfect history, but still fine for tier 2 and generally tier 1.
  • 4 Star: Natural link profile, relevant anchors, and mostly links from legitimate sources to the 'real' business before we bought the domain. The tier 2 of this site is even high quality.
  • 5 Star: Not only does this have a very clean link profile, from hard-to-get authority sites (i.e. industry bodies, government, education), but we even analyzed the tier 2 and it's clean and powerful. Typically all links don't just look natural, they literally happened naturally.
We update most metrics weekly (DR, RD, TF, CF), other qualitative metrics rarely change so aren't often changed (link profile, site quality).
We don't offer refunds; because we give a 24 hour period to change your mind after getting the website address.

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